Lakewood Kosher Sushi
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Crispy Rice Spicy Salmon

 ((Crispy Rice with Spicy Salmon))
Crispy Rice Spicy Tuna

 (Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna)
Crispy Rice Toasted Salmon

 (Crispy Rice Toasted Salmon over the top)
Crispy Rice Toasted Tuna

 (Crispy Rice with Toasted Tuna over the top)
Fantastic Roll

 (Fish Stick and avocado roll tempura style with spicy fish toasted over the top.)
Kani Fingers

 (8pc Tempura Dipped Kani Fingers)
Rainbow Naruto

 (Tuna, Salmon, & Avocado, wrapped in cucumber.)
Seared Tuna Pizzette

 (Seared Tuna & Fresh Guacamole on a crispy flatbread, and spicy mayo)
Spicy Kani Salad

 (Shreded Spicy Kani, Julien Cucumbers Topped with Toasted Sesame Seeds)
Sushi Express Roll

 (Salmon, Avcado, Cucumber, Topped w/ Toasted Spicy Kani Salad)
Sweet & Spicy Salmon Tacos

 (3 Tacos)
Sweet & Spicy Tuna Tacos

 (3 Tacos)

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